Monday, August 31, 2009

High St. Church Picnic

High St. Church had its annual picnic at Morrow's Meadow in Yorktown, IN on Sunday evening.

Pastor Jack celebrated his 65th birthday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LaGrange & Shipshewana

Sunday we attended the Methodist Church in Lagrange where Pastor Chris is the senior minister. We were so happy to see him and his wife Carolyn. They have a lovely church building and many friendly people there. \

Afterwards we went to Gene Stratton Porter's home in the Limberlost. The ranger at the visitor's center answered all of my dad's questions about Gene's life and death. He knew a lot! (my dad).

Monday we moved to Shipshewana to the South RV Park. Our site was beside a pond where the resident duck welcomed everyone. We drove around and saw many Amish and Mennonite people, buggies, homes, stores, etc.

Tues. we went to the famous Shipshewana Flea Market. It is quite large. There are over 900 booths which feature closeout items, clothes, kitchenware, tools, hats, party paper products, plants, vegetables, make-up, antiques, furniture, lawn decorations, etc. It was 4 hours of solid walking. Then we walked over to the Bluegate Restaurant to meet Pastor Chris for lunch. He was kind enough to drive us back to our car.

We had a beautiful sunny day and a gorgeous sunset. The cats are happy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Indiana wants me!

We camped in Elkhart and Middlebury, Indiana at 2 very nice campgrounds. Both had swimming pools and a miniature golf course. The rain and cooler weather made it too miserable to enjoy either.

Instead, we went to the Farmers Market and bought beautiful homegrown tomatoes. We visited the RV museum and saw the old time campers from way back in the early 1900's. Then we headed down to Napanee to Amish Acres and another flea market.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Packing for Next Adventure!

Yes, it is time to pack the RV again! Panda & Taz are bored staying home so it is my job to entertain them with another trip. I think they are gypsy cats!

We are visiting Indiana next. My dad is meeting us up north. Hoby has to stay home this time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pymatuning State Park

I always love going to Pymatuning State Park and seeing the big lake. Last week I took my cats, my SO Jerry and his dog Hoby camping. We like the Ohio campgrounds. The neighbors were friendly and helpful.
Donna and Ken drove over on Fri. and took us to the marina in PA where we rented a pontoon boat for an hour. That was fun. It was Hoby's first boat ride and he took it in stride as he always does. He is a very adaptable dog.
We were surprised to see some more friends back at the campground. The Rayl's have a new camper with lots of space due to the slide out. We cooked our salmon and steak on the grill and Donna brought sweet corn and homemade bread. We even had "Some'mores" for dessert along with blueberry pie Ken brought. This was camping at its best!
Sat. I attempted to swim in the lake but it was too cold. Later on the rain came and sent us inside for the night. We watched a couple of John Wayne movies and stayed nice and dry.
Sun. while we were packing up to go home the temp. went up to the 90's and the humidity was right up there too. Then I went back to swim in the lake and found it to be colder than Sat. (because of the rain) but much more enjoyable because of the heat. I stayed in for awhile talking with the Rayl kids and splashing around. Then, off to the showers and back to the camper to finish packing up.
We got home in an hour and were able to unload everything that was necessary. What a great vacation!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camping Trip to VT, NY

We left on Mon., July 20th for a ten-day adventure.

Our 1st night was at Sylvan Beach, NY.

The 2nd night was in Shellburne, VT where we visited the Teddybear Factory.

We visited Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory where we indulged in wonderful scoops of all flavors of ice cream.

Our Delta Kappa Gamma NE Regional Convention was well attended by 700 members! We took many workshops on a variety of topics, ate at both the Thurs. luncheon and Sat. banquet, attended the general sessions, and enjoyed meeting educators from around the country. The women from Pennsylvania invited us to the next NE Regional in Hershey, PA in 2011.