Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today was a sunny but cold day.  Although the thermometer showed 30 degrees the windchill made it feel much worse.  I took a nice walk on the bike trail and trudged through the foot of snow.  Someone else had broken the trail but it was uneven and hard work to walk in their footsteps.

I started up the RV this morning and backed it up a few inches to get the weight off of the same spot on the tires.  It felt good to go inside and start the motor.  I always like the smell - a new car smell inside.  Only a couple of months before I can get back out on the road again.

The Olympics

I have watched more of the winter olympics than I usually do.  The announcers have made it more interesting by telling the stories of the contestants.  It is pretty exciting to keep up.  Now that I'm retired I can afford to stay up late until the end.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cleveland Playhouse

Another great show today at the Cleveland Playhouse-"Ain't Misbehavin'" 
The cast danced and sang 30 songs for over 2 hours.  What professionals!  The orchestra was excellent as well, especially the piano man.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


The last two days I stayed home and loafed.  The snow outside looked pretty with the sun shining on it.  I was perfectly happy to stay home by the log fire with my cats and play on the computer.  I did a few household chores, baked brownies and bread, did the laundry, balanced the checkbook, and watched a little TV.  This is so unusual for me.  I like to get out and run errands, cross country ski, visit Jerry and Hoby, and DO something.  I don't think I was sick but I just felt like a homebody.  I'm sure I will make up for it another day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The women's retreat went real well Sat. There were about 9 of us. We ate chocolate, had our devotional study, ate chocolate, played games, visited, and ended with a chocolate devotional kit. Then we went out for dinner at Joey's Grill. I loved the shrimp pesto over linguini.

Sunday I sang in the church choir, stayed for coffee hour, came home where I made banana pudding pie, and put beef stew ingredients into the crockpot. At 3:00 I went to my friends' birthday party which was fun. Jerry came over for dinner and we read the paper together.

Mon. I had to go to the hand surgeon, get x-rays of the sore lump on top of my hand. Doctor said it wasn't a cyst. It looks more like tendonitis. He sent me for a blood test to determine if it is arthritis.
Then we went to VA for Jerry's bloodraw. We went to McDonald's for lunch and then home. Good dog Hoby stayed at my house with the cat sisters the whole morning.