Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer Camping

This has been a wonderful summer for camping. We started off in May-June in Memphis. Next, we went to Vermont in July and wandered back through wine country in New York. In August I met my dad in northern Indiana where we stayed at 3 different campgrounds, toured the areas, and saw old friends. Afterwards I camped on his driveway for a week. Somewhere back there in August Jerry and I stayed in our favorite campground-Pymatuning State Park. Now I have been camped in Jerry's driveway since the county fair. Hoby comes over everyday to visit the cats and drink their water. He's so funny!

This coming Friday I will head for the Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, OH. I'm taking the Computer Bootcamp with the Guld's. They are the famous Geeks on Tour couple who live fulltime in their class C RV like mine. This will be a real adventure! Afterwards I will head to my dad's driveway in time for Ball State's homecoming.

I hope to keep camping as long as the weather permits. I'm using a portable heater every night as it is down to the 40's and 50's.