Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The women's retreat went real well Sat. There were about 9 of us. We ate chocolate, had our devotional study, ate chocolate, played games, visited, and ended with a chocolate devotional kit. Then we went out for dinner at Joey's Grill. I loved the shrimp pesto over linguini.

Sunday I sang in the church choir, stayed for coffee hour, came home where I made banana pudding pie, and put beef stew ingredients into the crockpot. At 3:00 I went to my friends' birthday party which was fun. Jerry came over for dinner and we read the paper together.

Mon. I had to go to the hand surgeon, get x-rays of the sore lump on top of my hand. Doctor said it wasn't a cyst. It looks more like tendonitis. He sent me for a blood test to determine if it is arthritis.
Then we went to VA for Jerry's bloodraw. We went to McDonald's for lunch and then home. Good dog Hoby stayed at my house with the cat sisters the whole morning.

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