Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall House Cleaning

Well, it is that time of the year--fall house cleaning! It is too wet to do anything outside so I am inside attacking stacks of paper, changing the closets to fall and winter wardrobe, and dusting and cleaning. My "church ladies" are coming Thurs. night so I want to be all decorated for Halloween by then.

Last July while traveling in the RV I noticed my jaws held a lot of tension. They soon began to hurt and stayed sore for several days. Now, believe it or not, I have a rather small mouth. I always had trouble "opening wide" enough to suit the choir directors at school when I sang. Visits to the dentist, of which there were many, were painful because it was hard to open wide enough to get tools inside. My jaws would get so tired and so sore just staying open while getting fillings, root canals, caps and crowns.

As I said, I noticed this in the RV on my way to Vermont. One of my friends was on that trip and mentioned that she has a nifty device her dentist made for her mouth to keep her jaws in place while she sleeps. I was quite interested in hearing about it. So today when I went for my 6-month check-up and the new dental hygienist mentioned how small my mouth was I asked about a device. My dentist said it should help relax my jaws. He took an imprint of my upper teeth and it will be ready by Thurs. :-)

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