Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Panda Helps in the Kitchen

This morning I was in the kitchen unpacking all of the boxes and bags I brought in from the RV. I had the cupboard doors open when Panda came walking through. She went straight for the lazy susan turning cabinet where my teas are stored. The spiced chai got her attention and she began licking the cardboard box it was in. I couldn't let her do that so I took the teabags out of the box and put them into a tin. Then I gave Panda the cardboard box to sniff. She licked it and rolled on it and had a great time just like she does with catnip. I had just bought several kinds of tea to serve at a church guild meeting last week so I decided to put each kind into a tin. I gave Panda each of the boxes and let her sniff, lick, and roll on them.

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