Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Muncie, IN

Ball State's Homecoming was Sat. Although we tried to see the parade, the route was shortened so we misjudged the time it would arrive on University Ave. The cold wind made 20 minutes seem like "enough" parade. I met up with a good friend of mine from elementary school Linda Putman. We got together and had a great visit.

My sister and her husband spent part of the weekend with us so we got in a card game and a nice dinner at the Olive Garden.
This week my dad and I are enjoying lots of fun activities here in Muncie. We took part in the High St. Methodist Church golf outing. 'Not that we were much help to our team but we had fun and enjoyed great weather.

Earlier in the day my dad taught a card class at the High St. Church's Update Learning. We played Cancellation Hearts which is always fun. I attended a great class called Drumming Live which stretches your muscles, increases your pulse, and lets out tension. You use 2 sticks to beat on foam pads which are attached to the top of a folding chair. The music was mostly marches which I love. I think everyone had fun.

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