Sunday, November 8, 2009

Surprise Birthday!

If you remember, I said my Sweetie was taking me to a mystery place for dinner on Sat. to celebrate his and my birthdays. Last night he did not show up to pick me up at the designated time. When I called to check on him he was having "car trouble." I volunteered to drive to his house and pick him up. He was a little reluctant but said he had called the restaurant and told them we would be late. His grandson was on the way over to look at the car.

While I was driving it got dark and I was having second thoughts about a long drive to dinner. His grandson pulled into the drive ahead of me. I went into the house and went downstairs to look for him. All of a sudden a bunch of friends stepped forward and wished me a Happy Birthday!

We had wonderful food and more fun than going out. They even bought me presents! I couldn't believe it! Check out the RV on the cake, complete with Hoby and Panda. They explained that Taz was inside hiding under the blanket.

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