Thursday, January 28, 2010

Church Week

Starting last Saturday we had our church officers and committees all-day retreat We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together, reviewed our church constitution, church profile, church survey, and ministry plan of action for the future. It was a very full day, and rather tiring. However, I felt it was very worthwhile, a good way to bond, and fun at the same time.

Sunday we had a full morning with bell choir rehearsal, chancel choir warm-up, 2 worship services, a potluck dinner, and our annual meeting. All went very well.

The COLTS won so I am happy!

Monday morning I attended our church book study. Then I went up to the church to work on the newsletter. By 4:00 we had it printed and folded, thanks to some very nice people at the food pantry. That night we had our church consistory meeting.

Tuesday was bell choir and chancel choir rehearsals.

Wednesday night was the Alpha Course.

What will I do tomorrow and Friday? ?????

Saturday is our church women's retreat with dinner out.

It has been a very good week! I enjoyed the fellowship and studies, the interaction, the discussions, and even the disagreements that arose. It is wonderful to have such a great group of people to share your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. I would be truly lonely and lost without my church family.

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