Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silver Sneaker Class

This morning Carane and I met up at the Y for the Silver Sneaker Class. I thought it would be mostly stretching but I was mistaken. When we arrived we were given a chair and directed to the closet to pick up a rubber inflated ball, 2-pound weights, and a rubber band with handles. There was a lot of aerobic dancing back and forth, side to side, arms moving up and down for a half hour. Then we sat and began heel and toe stretches, weight lifting for 5 min. Back up with our weights we repeated the dancing around and then sat to use the rubber bands. Finally, we paired up with a partner and tossed the balls. After an hour I was ready for the showers!

Later in the day I took the good dog Hoby for his walk through the woods. I sincerely hope my heart is healthier and I am getting stronger. I feel better even though I am sore.

I shopped at Marc's for over an hour and then came home to eat dinner and play on the computer. It is really blowing hard outside so I am glad to be in. Temperature is dropping by 20 degrees since this morning. Snow is in our forecast. :-)

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