Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday-Goofing Off Day

The first thing I heard early this morning was the snowplow going down our street. There really wasn't much snow so I presume it was the salt truck. The temperature was 18 degrees and boy, was it windy!

This morning I was up early to meet Tim the Nuisance Control Man. He found 2 dead mice in my attic and refreshed all of the traps in the house, garage, shed, & RV.

I picked up dead branches off the driveway from last night's heavy wind and did a quick check around the house to make sure no damage was done to the house.

Later Jerry and I went shopping at some local stores and then stopped for lunch at McDonald's where we sat and read the newspaper. For being a good dog, Hoby was rewarded by shopping at his own pet store. He loves sticking his head into the bins of dog bisquits and helping himself. I figure if they didn't want dogs to do that they wouldn't put the treats down on the floor at their level. Anyway, Jerry bought lots of bisquits and 35# of dogfood. We shopped at Dollar General and then it was 3:30 so we headed to our respective homes.

It was a nice leisurely day with no commitments or schedules to follow. To top it all off THE BROWNS BEAT THE STEELERS!!!!!!

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